Big city lights
Photo by Oleg Balashov
View from the colonnade of Saint Isaac's Cathedral
Photo by EGRA
Saint-Petersburg in the evening. Palace Square
Photo by Sergey Louks
Peterhof Palace. Fountains
Photo by Sergey Louks
Sunset in Saint-Petersburg
Photo by Sergey Louks


Furman Beverley

Beverley Furman is the Head of STRATE Supervision.

STRATE Supervision is the division within Strate Limited that fulfils the Self-Regulatory Organisation (SRO) functions which the CSD is legislated to fulfil. Beverley created this division in 2001. STRATE Supervision is tasked with supervising compliance by all CSD Participants with the South African securities legislation, CSD Rules and Directives.

Beverley has been at Strate for over eleven years and has over fifteen years’ experience in financial markets. She has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree.

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